Fake vaccines were sold at R $ 98 over the internet, says Procon

Last Tuesday (5), an inspection team from Procon-SP made a diligence, after complaints on social networks, to locate a pharmacy that was selling fake doses of CoronaVac, a Chinese vaccine against covid-19, over the internet. The agency identified the page on the website, which is down, and reported it to the state police.

Upon arriving at the address informed on the page – Avenida Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek, 2041, Vila Olímpia, São Paulo – the inspectors found that the company does not exist. The Pharmacy 24 Hours website, which offered 100 doses of the vaccine at R $ 98 (with free delivery to the entire country) was just a blow to unsuspecting consumers.

The executive director of Procon-SP, Fernando Capez, warns that “people, in the face of the serious situation we are experiencing, acquire these vaccines that, obviously, will not be delivered. It is a scam, a company that does not exist, which abuses citizens’ fear and insecurity. That’s a crime”.

Vaccine strokes

CoronaVac is a vaccine developed by the Chinese laboratory Sinovac, which is being produced in São Paulo by the Butantan Institute, through an agreement signed between the state government and a pharmaceutical company. According to Governor João Dória (PSDB-SP), the immunization will start next January 25, depending on the approval of the drug by Anvisa.

The proprietor of PROCON paulista took the opportunity to recommend to consumers that they be careful when searching for information about covid-19 in Brazil. For experts, malicious people have taken advantage of the population’s fragility to apply scams and spread false news.

No type of vaccine against coronavirus was available in the Unified Health System (SUS) and did not even reach private clinics or pharmacies.

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