ProtonMail gains function to undo sending emails

Did you send an email to the wrong recipient, forget the attachment or regret sending it? Those who use ProtonMail can now cancel the sending of the message, activating the function launched in beta in the last month of December and which has been available to everyone since last Wednesday (13).

The feature, which works in a similar way to that found in Gmail and Outlook for the web, allows you to undo the sending of email right after clicking “Send”. But the user needs to be quick, as the time to cancel the message sent is short, reaching a maximum of 20 seconds after the initial action.

Right after sending the email, the platform displays a small banner at the top of the window, confirming that the message is on its way and offering the option to cancel the action. When you click “Undo”, within the specified period, the email is not sent.

The function appears in a banner at the top of the page.The function appears in a banner at the top of the page.Source: TechDows / Playback

Afterwards, the composer window is reopened automatically, taking the user back to the draft message. He can then make the necessary corrections (spelling, change the recipient, rewrite the text, etc.), add attachments or delete the email once and for all, if he no longer wants to send it.

Changing the time to undo sending

The function to undo sending emails is enabled by default in ProtonMail, that is, you don’t need to touch anything to use it. The deadline for canceling the action is set at 10 seconds, but there is a possibility to change it.

This can be done in the “Settings” menu. Click “General”, then choose “Messages” and “Undo send”. Now, set the time according to your preferences, among the available options (0, 5, 10 and 20 seconds).

According to the company based in Switzerland, the function to undo sending ProtonMail is only available in the web version of the service, initially. The platform’s Android and iOS apps will receive the news soon.

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