Justice denies Parler’s request to be reinstated to Amazon

A court in Washington, USA, on Thursday (21) denied Parler’s request to be reinstated to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting service. In the legal dispute between the social network and the retail giant, Judge Barbara Rothstein denied Parler’s injunction request saying that the arguments were too weak in an antitrust complaint.

In addition, the judge stated that Parler also failed to provide evidence of the absence of his “improper business practices”. In addition to being inaccurate, Rothstein said, the social network’s arguments were contradicted by the evidence presented by Amazon, which Parler accused of inflicting “big financial losses”.

But the argument did not touch the magistrate, who kept an eye on the fact that Parler “did not deny at any time” that its users have, in fact, used the platform to “post violent and threatening content”, before and during the attack to the Capitol building, headquarters of the North American Congress, on January 6th.

Parler’s future

Source: Olivier Douliery / AFP / ReproductionSource: Olivier Douliery / AFP / ReproductionSource: Olivier Douliery / AFP

Although Parler promised to change its community moderation policies, the judge understood that forcing Amazon to legally host the violent content of users of the controversial social network would interfere with AWS’s ability to prevent its services from being used to promote acts violent.

Before going offline, Parler promoted himself as a more “light” alternative to Twitter and Facebook moderations, which attracted supporters of former President Donald Trump. However, after the violent acts on Capitol Hill, web infrastructure companies chose to permanently cut ties with Parler: Apple and Google removed the app from their stores and Amazon suspended the account.

With the sentence, Parler’s future remains uncertain, although the contents of the files with messages posted on the platform were preserved and stored by activists and hackers before the network was disabled.

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