Download some of the Android 12 wallpapers now

After the first images showing its new design, now Android 12 had its new wallpapers leaked on the internet. As with the previous backgrounds, the new operating system should also have neutral landscape images, without large elements that attract attention.

In this case, the Android 12 wallpaper looks like mountains or dunes and shows a sky in the background. As it has variations, it is possible to see that in some figures the sky is dark, while in others the predominant shade is blue, purple or beige.

The wallpaper was assembled based on images recorded by the American Cody Cobb, who is a photographer specialized in landscapes. On his official website he describes that his photos aim to “capture brief moments of stillness from the chaos of nature”. Cody has an award-winning work and his photographs have appeared in the most important publications in the world.

Android 12 WallpaperNew Android 12 wallpaper is based on a beautiful landscape

While Android 12 does not officially arrive, it is possible to download the wallpaper images via this folder on Mega.

The expectation is that the operating system will reach the market only in the second half of this year. Among the novelties, Google’s software should give more focus to privacy and still have a system of widgets very different from the current one.

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