Slack asks Android users to change their passwords; see why

If you use Slack on an Android device, it is good to stay tuned and modify your password to access the application. Recently, the company contacted some users via email alerting them to an existing bug on the platform since December 21, 2020 that caused the solution to store credentials in plain text, which, theoretically, would grant the information to any another app installed on your smartphone.

According to the company, the error was identified on January 20 this year and an update fixed it the following day. Although no evidence of suspicious actions has been detected, the redefinition is important “to maintain the safety of your team and the privacy of your communications”, he stresses, apologizing for the inconvenience this may cause.

Email sent by Slack team alert about bug.Email sent by Slack team alert about bug.Source: reproduction

THE Android Police contacted Slack representatives to confirm that the content of the statement was true and to make sure that those who received it were not subject to an attack phishing, and those responsible would have confirmed the suitability of the material, adding, further, that the problem would have impacted only a limited range of customers. Therefore, the email in question may not even reach your inbox.

Anyway, here is the suggestion for precautionary measures to be applied via the direct link indicated by the messenger or manually, including the exclusion of general logins. Although this disconnects you from all workspaces in which you are logged in, it will guarantee the integrity of your account.

Finally, Slack also suggests that if the password in question extends to other sites, it should be changed on all of them.

Resetting sessions on all devices is also recommended.Resetting sessions on all devices is also recommended.Source: reproduction

How to reset your Slack password?

Below, you will find step by step how to change your Slack password. If you have additional questions, the company advises you to contact the support team, which, he says, is ready to assist you.

  • On the home screen, go to the Settings application;
  • Scroll down and select Apps;
  • Go to and select Slack;
  • Select storage;
  • Click on “Clear data” on the left side of the screen;
  • Click OK to confirm that you want to clear the data;
  • Log into Slack using your new password.

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