Facebook plans to launch smartwatch with focus on messages and health

Facebook is planning to launch a smartwatch with an open source version of Android on the market. The information is The Information, which complements that the technology can arrive as early as 2022.

The device should be focused on health features and will have integration with Messenger, an instant messaging platform. Mark Zuckerberg’s onslaught in this market has the objective of making the company continue operating in the technological devices sector. Recently, the giant invested in initiatives such as Oculus Go and Oculus Quest.

The Facebook smartwatch should have connectivity with smartphones and the social network itself. The idea would be to create an own ecosystem where people could share information about training and physical activities, such as the work done by Peloton.

Facebook SmartwatchFacebook Device will focus on sharing health information

Also according to information from the The Information, the smart watch will have an internet connection. This functionality would eliminate the need for pairing with a cell phone.

Despite using Android in the beginning, for the future the trend is for a proprietary operating system to be developed for weareable. In addition to becoming independent of Google and Apple software, Facebook wants to compete in this smartwatch market with Huawei, Fitbit, Samsung and other brands.

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