10 tech news to get you started (2/16)

Good Morning! We have separated the main news from the world of Science and Technology for you to know everything that happened last Monday (15). To check each news item in full, just click on the links below.

1. United Arab Emirates probe sends the first image of Mars. The country’s first attempt to explore other locations in space is a success so far.

2. Bill Gates: winning a pandemic is easier than climate change. Former Microsoft CEO says that controlling global warming would be ‘one of the most incredible things humanity has ever done’.

3. New Tesla Roadster will float in the air, according to Elon Musk. According to the tycoon, drivers will be able to buy the vehicle with the additional SpaceX package, which has 10 small propellants to boost speed.

4. Pix presents problems for users of Caixa and Caixa Tem. Customers reported glitches in the instant payments service on Monday (15).

5. Chinese comedy sets Avengers: Endgame box office record. Detective Chinatown 3 raised the equivalent of $ 397 million over a weekend in China alone.

6. YouTuber spends R $ 375 thousand on a 3 meter high PS5 (which works!). Video game works and still has a giant DualSense (and it works!).

7. Government plans to approve emergency aid in 3 weeks. Other installments of R $ 250 are already being planned for April and May.

8. Hyperloop can go from Porto Alegre to Serra Ga├║cha in 12 minutes. The high-speed train can reach up to 1,200 km / h.

9. State of SP confirms 25 cases of the Brazilian coronavirus strain. Most of those infected did not travel to Amazonas, where the strain originated, which confirms the local transmission of the Sars-CoV-2 mutation.

10. Asteroid Apophis will ‘approach’ Earth in March. Astronomers want to take the opportunity to collect new data from space rock.

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