Cops try to topple Instagram lives with Beatles music

Beverly Hills police in the United States have adopted a new method of not having their videos spread on the Internet. In a recording made in January and released by activist Sennett Devermont this week, you can see a police officer playing a Beatles song on his cell phone to activate Instagram’s copyright filter.

Devermont, who was holding a badge labeled “Press”, was trying to question Sergeant Billy Fair when he was interrupted by Paul McCartney’s voice on the song “Yesterday”.

Apparently, this is an attempt to trigger Instagram’s algorithmic copyright filters and prevent network users from being able to broadcast live or share police actions. The appeal would even prevent records of possible abuse of authority. Frequent infractions can result in the suspension of live transmitter accounts.


This is not the first time that this has happened in the region. Last week, Devermont was in the police department to question a fine that he was given unfairly, he said. In the video, Sergeant Billy Fair doesn’t seem to like being recorded, picks up the phone and puts on the song Santeria, by Sublime. The practice has been adopted by several Los Angeles Police officers.

Importantly, Devermont is a well-known activist in the Los Angeles area, who regularly broadcasts protests and interactions with the police to his more than 300,000 followers on Instagram.

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