10 tech news to get you started (02/19)

Good Morning! We have separated the main news from the world of Science and Technology for you to know everything that happened last Thursday (18th). To check each news item in full, just click on the links below.

1. Growing algae on Mars can guarantee successful human missions. A study led by a French astrobiologist seeks to reduce the dependence of astronauts on their travels away from Earth.

2. Google Maps will allow you to pay for public transport and parking. The tool is available for 400 cities in the United States.

3. Good news! Microsoft announces Fall Guys for Xbox One, Series X and S. Game comes to platforms mid-year between June and September.

4. NASA: Perseverance lands on Mars. The long-awaited landing, which takes place on Thursday (18), will have full coverage of the space agency on YouTube and social media.

5. It’s official! Mortal Kombat movie gets brutal trailer with Fatality. See the official trailer dubbed in PT-BR or in English with subtitles (now official, without Russian dubbing).

6. Blue dogs appear in Russia near an abandoned factory. The blue color of several street dogs in the city of Dzerzhinsk may have its origin in chemical agents from an old abandoned industry.

7. Hacker breaks into DataSUS and complains about bad security. Hacker left comments criticizing the National Data Protection Authority and the DataSUS IT staff.

8. Two variations of the coronavirus have merged into a new hybrid virus. For a viral recombination to occur, a host cell must receive two different genomes of the virus.

9. 5G has barely arrived, but Apple is already working on 6G. The technology is not expected to be launched before 2030.

10. The Mandalorian: Cara Dune will have no substitution after Gina Carano left. After Gina Carano’s dismissal, the character Cara Dune will not return with another actress in The Mandalorian.

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