Clubhouse: number of users in the app increases 100% in 16 days

Clubhouse, the social audio network, has been on the rise in recent weeks. According to data released by Annie app, a research company, the application had more than 8.1 million downloads worldwide until the 16th of February. As of February 1, however, the social network had been downloaded only 3.5 million times. Thus, the number of users grew more than 100% in a period of 16 days. The survey also revealed that the platform’s popularity is greatest in the UK, Germany, Japan, Brazil and Turkey.

The Clubhouse is based entirely on audio chats. It is not allowed to send text messages or images within the platform. It is also possible to create chat rooms on the most diverse subjects with people from all over the world. In addition, privacy is not an issue, as conversations cannot be recorded.

clubhouseThe platform’s popularity is greatest in the UK, Germany, Japan, Brazil and Turkey (Source: App Annie)Source: Annie app


The fact that the Clubhouse is only available for iOS does not diminish its popularity. The app was so famous that it led other internet giants like Twitter and Facebook to think of similar tools.

One of the main factors for the sudden success was the growing number of famous and influential people on the platform having attracted users from all over the world to learn more about the app. Names like Tesla founder Elon Musk and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg have already created a Clubhouse account. Musk even invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to join him in a conversation on the app. In Brazil, famous people like Tatá Werneck, Preta Gil, Boninho and Luciano Huck have already registered.

Clubhouse is currently working to make the platform available in a more stable version and allow more users to register without an invitation.

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