Pluto TV launches three more new free channels in Brazil

Pluto TV, a free streaming service for television, is renewing its content offer to Brazil, making available three new channels starting next Friday (26): Reino Infantil, Babyfirst and Pluto TV Filmes Nacionais.

Officially launched by ViacomCBS Networks in December last year, the platform reaffirms its commitment to add channels with new children’s content and offer the best selection of Brazilian cinema, with options that the whole family can enjoy in the areas of entertainment, well-being and learning .

The new Pluto TV channels

Source: Babyfirst / Facebook / DisclosureSource: Babyfirst / Facebook / DisclosureSource: Babyfirst / Facebook

The new Children’s Kingdom is a channel for children to enjoy music and fun with their favorite characters at any time of the day. Babyfirst, on the other hand, is more specific for babies’ learning: they are activities to be carried out with the family, with many colors, games, numbers, art and music.

Pluto TV Filmes Nacionais promises a selection of the best titles in Brazilian cinema, promoting a true tour of award-winning productions and renowned actors, such as Leandra Leal, Juliano Cazarré and Maria Luísa Mendonça.

Pluto TV is entirely free and offers 85 channels for Spanish-speaking countries and 33 for Brazil. It is an open video library with more than 20 thousand hours of content of all genres and for all ages, through more than 150 regional partnerships, such as major TV networks, film studios and digital media companies.

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