Now you can search your stickers on WhatsApp by name

WhatsApp announced on Friday (26) that it launched a sticker search feature within the app. The update is now available for Android and iOS smartphones.

The announcement was made on the app’s official Twitter. From now on, it is possible to type a word to find a certain sticker and the system will also use a classification of feelings to organize the fun images.

For now, the stickers are being separated into sensations such as “Love”, “Greetings”, “Happy”, “Sad” and “Anger”.

To search, you need to click on the magnifying glass in the bottom left corner of the screen, in the sticker menu itself. After that, a screen will open with all the images that are on your cell phone and the separation tabs for feelings. Right at the top is the field where you can type a name to search.

WhatsappDespite the resource, searching for stickers made in other applications is still confusing

In tests carried out by the TecMundo, the tool has not yet appeared in WhatsApp Web, browser version of the application. The novelty was in testing mid-November last year.

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