Online therapies: discover sites that offer the service

Taking care of mental health is critical in difficult times like the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, online therapy is a means of being able to work and understand the feelings that occupy our head at that moment.

Where to do therapy online?

There are several platforms that act as a bridge between the patient and the psychologist. Thus, the conversations take place in a virtual environment that is safe for both parties. Therefore, we selected 7 sites and applications that offer online therapies. Check out:

OrientMe.OrientMe.Source: OrienteMe / Press Release


With OrienteMe, the patient begins the search for a therapist using a form that analyzes the behavioral profile. Thus, the platform indicates the professionals who can best meet the user’s needs.

With plans starting at R $ 70 per week, the patient can exchange text and audio messages with the therapist and conduct videoconferencing sessions lasting 30 minutes. The person can also schedule two appointments in sequence.

In addition to site, OrienteMe has versions for devices Android and iOS.

Living Psychology.Living Psychology.Source: Whizhealth / Reproduction

Living Psychology

As an online office, Psicologia Viva allows the patient to find psychologists according to their specialties and schedule sessions at times that adapt to their own schedule. In particular, conversations take place in an encrypted virtual environment.

In addition to providing service in Libras, another differential of the platform is the option of having consultations covered by health plans. The entire authorization process is carried out through the site or application for Android and iOS.

At Psicologia Viva, the sessions last 50 minutes and the platform offers consultation options from R $ 60 each.

Dear Anxiety.Dear Anxiety.Source: Dear Anxiety / Disclosure

Dear Anxiety

In addition to online therapy options, Querida Anxiety provides a variety of free content to help patients in difficult times. The app for Android and iOS has a dedicated area with exercises to combat anxiety attacks.

In addition, the platform provides courses and tools for the person to take care of mental health. They are complementary materials on emotional education, self-care and several other topics.

Although part of the content is free in the app, consultations with therapists are paid. The values ​​and duration of the sessions vary according to the professional.

Telavita.Telavita.Source: Telavita / Press Release


Televita also proposes to be an online office. Thus, the patient is free to choose the specialty, such as Psychoconstruction, and schedule sessions at the best times on the agenda.

With that, the site and apps for mobile devices enable the user to have convenience, accessibility and security. That’s because the virtual rooms for conversations are fully encrypted.

In this way, Televita works with 50-minute sessions and the consultation fees through the platform start at R $ 90 each.

Vittude.Vittude.Source: Draft / Reproduction


A reference in online therapy, Vittude presents the Vittude Match tool. With it, the patient can find a professional according to the specialty and the amount charged per consultation.

The platform sessions are held through the site or application with versions for Android and iOS. Valuing security and confidentiality, the virtual environment is protected and can only be accessed by the psychologist and the patient.

Following the pattern, sessions at Vittude last 50 minutes and the minimum amount for consultations is R $ 50 each.

Youper.Youper.Source: Project Healthy Minds / Reproduction


Unlike the other options on the list, Youper uses artificial intelligence to perform online therapy. The app for Android and iOS was created by a Brazilian startup that currently has its headquarters in the United States.

With a Portuguese version, the platform puts the patient in contact with an emotional health assistant. Thus, she leads the person in a self-analysis of her own feelings and works with meditation exercises.

Youper is a free tool, but the user can subscribe to the Emotional Health Plan and have access to premium features.

Zenklub.Zenklub.Source: Sinprofaz / Reproduction


Another very popular online therapy platform, Zenklub has professionals from a variety of fields – including psychologists, psychoanalysts and therapists. Thus, the patient finds several ways to work on emotional well-being.

In addition to individual consultations starting at R $ 60, the platform has monthly plans starting at R $ 290. The 50-minute sessions take place in a virtual environment that can be accessed through site or apps for devices Android and iOS.

Zenklub subscribers also have access to some special content, such as an emotional diary, a podcast and other complementary materials.

Remembering that these sites and apps do not offer treatment or advice to people in danger. In such cases, seek a hospital immediately or call 188 (Life Enhancement Center).

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