Microsoft ‘kills’ Cortana on Android and iOS phones

Microsoft ends today (31) support for the voice assistant Cortana on Android and iOS devices. The application will be removed from smartphones, but users will still be able to keep the content saved with the former competitor of Siri and Google Assistant.

According to the company, all content that was in the mobile version of Cortana, including lists and reminders, will be moved to the mobile version of Microsoft To Do. The application is available for Android and iOS free of charge and can also be used on the computer.

Cortana running on Windows Phone.Cortana running on Windows Phone.Source: The Verge

In addition to being moved to To Do on smartphones, the content can also be accessed on the computer, a platform on which the voice assistant is still active. “The Cortana content you created, such as reminders and lists, will no longer work on the Cortana mobile app, but can still be accessed by Cortana on Windows,” says Microsoft.

New focus

The end of Cortana for mobile devices was already expected. Microsoft announced the end of the mobile voice assistant in the middle of last year. In addition to ending support for Android and iOS, the company also ended software updates on the Harman Kardon Invoke, the first and only smart speaker with Microsoft’s assistant.

In addition, Microsoft has disabled some features of Cortana on the PC, such as the launch of skills developed by third parties. With the changes, the company wants to distance itself from platforms such as Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri, transforming the solution into a productivity tool for computers and an ally of the Microsoft 365 subscription.

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