Does the Internet make people less intelligent? Learn how to use it

The internet can be a great ally of work, knowledge and even the most basic daily tasks. However, it must be used well so that its negative side is not the most obvious.

New technologies dominate the landscape, so we are becoming increasingly dependent on the internet, social networks, likes, likes, lots of information and little memorization, triggering fatigue, lack of interest and deep sedentary lifestyle.

How it works in practice

These new habits that we are unconsciously adopting, have been modifying our brain behavior, releasing more dopamine, activating the cortisol hormone and leading us to stress, we are also causing serotonin to supply melatonin with the lights of electronic devices during the night, where in waking up the next day, we wake up tired and leading a weary life.

This is the new sedentary lifestyle of the 21st century, unwilling to work on brain plasticity, pick up a book to read, practice physical exercises, we have just created a new mental culture within our reality.

Today we are sick people and we raise our children who are also sick, with a “deep oscillation”, stress that seems to have no end, a void that accompanies us all the time, and as a “solution” we look for the immediacy that the internet provides, as mentioned in the article, the state of well being through the lights, quick responses that the internet brings, releasing more and more neurotransmitters of pleasure and in the same proportion we are creating a harmful dysfunctionality in our brain, which is stored in our genetic code and we transfer our offspring .

We talk all the time that our children are born intelligent, because of the current time they are inserted in, but it is important to remember that children may even be born with high intelligence, but they are used and led to live with lower cognition, because it is through the synaptic stimuli that they will be able to develop a rationality of the environment that they live.

The danger of screens

Parents have become accustomed to handing over their smartphones or turning on televisions to their children to quiet them while doing other tasks. There is always the excuse of lack of time, although it is nothing more than another consequence of this reality. The lack of time does not exist; was created to take care of the multitasking that we condition our brain to do, without creating engrams to work with the respective memory, in this space we develop anxiety and, the lack of patience affects families making them unstructured and not helping their children to develop a brain healthy and natural.

There is also the facilitation of the internet, ready information, unfiltered information, information always available. We find it increasingly difficult to search for content and think about it, form an opinion, retain information. The internet must be a tool and not the whole reality. It is up to us to start dosing and know how to use it to benefit but without intellectual damage.


Fabiano de Abreu Rodriguescolumnist TecMundo, is a doctor and master in Health Sciences in the areas of Neuroscience and Psychology, with a specialization in electrical properties of neurons at Harvard. Intel Reseller Technology Registration – IP technology specialist: 10381444, specialist in neuroscience and artificial intelligence at IBM, hardware specialist. Member of Mensa, the world’s most intelligent people association. Formations in the areas of philosophy, neuropsychology, master in psychoanalysis, journalism, psychology, member of the Brazilian and Portuguese Society of Neuroscience and the European Federation of Neuroscience record PT30079. Director of CPAH – Heráclito Research and Analysis Center, main national scientist for intelligence studies and high IQ.

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