Nervous giant octopus attacks tourist trying to film it

A beach scene posted on Instagram on Friday (2) has caught the attention of international media and people around the world: a video, captured by an Australian geologist on family vacation, shows a giant octopus that, irritated by being filmed, he decides to slap the boring cameraman.

The fact happened last month (18), when 34-year-old Lance Karlson was with his wife and daughter on a beach in Dunsborough, Australia, when he spotted the octopus in the shallow waters, according to the The New York Times. With her two-year-old daughter in one hand and her cell phone in the other, she ran to register the ecological meeting.

But it didn’t happen: the mollusk, which seemed not to be on a good day, went on top of the pair and dealt blows as if they were punches towards Karlson. He moved away quickly, while the attacking tentacles crackled in the air. “Oh, my God!” Said the frightened father, protecting his baby.

Nervous octopus 2: the return

With a yellow smile on his lips, Karlson went back to the tent, left his daughter with his wife, put on his diving goggles, grabbed a snorkel and dived about 20 minutes after the attack. About 30 meters ahead, he noticed a pile of clam shells that, according to a lesson learned by the diver in a documentary, is a way in which octopuses mark their territory.

Suddenly, lapt! Lance received a tremendous lash on his arm, and another on his neck, and a third on his upper back. The water darkened, his glasses fogged up, and the diver returned dizzy to the beach without knowing who had slapped him. He swears it was the octopus.

However, an octopus researcher at the University of Oregon, USA, does not agree with the geologist and claims that his marks are compatible with attacks by jellyfish, and that octopuses have no poison in their suction cups.

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