Spotify starts testing ‘Hey Spotify’ voice command on Android

The Spotify streaming platform has started large-scale testing of a new feature. This is the voice command “Hey Spotify”, which automatically activates the application and allows simple actions on the service without the need to use your hands.

According to the website GSM Arena, some groups of users of the platform for Android received a notification that announces the arrival of the novelty.

The operation is very similar to that of personal assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant: together with the action of “waking up” the application, you can amend a command like playing a specific artist.

Some screenshots showing the function already activated in the settings.Some screenshots showing the function already activated in the settings.Source: GSM Arena

It is even possible to perform the same command on the operating systems, but this is a way for Spotify to cut the middleman in the process. Voice search is also a possibility in some regions.

To release the resource, it is also necessary to agree to a new privacy policy of the company that allows the recording and transcription of the content spoken by the user in the surveys. It is worth remembering that the company has already indicated that it can use this data to suggest music and ads.

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