Discover ways to earn Bitcoins for free

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has been gaining more and more space in the financial market. Among the main reasons for its strong adherence is the high level of security, provided by the Blockchain system, which ensures online transactions and controls the creation of new currency units. In addition, Bitcoin, which does not require the intermediation of financial institutions, can be used for purchases anywhere in the world.

The most common way to acquire this “virtual money” is by converting a value into reais (or dollars, for example) for these cryptocurrencies – which can be done through platforms, such as the Bitcoin Market or through exchange offices. Some users even use the mining technique through software such as Bitcoin Miner. However, there is still a third form of acquisition, in some sites and applications that distribute this cryptocurrency for free.

How much is Bitcoin worth?

It is important to clarify that one unit of Bitcoin is equivalent to a large amount of money in reais – approximately R $ 335,095 in the conversion of the day. However, it can be fractioned and these fractions are called “Satoshis”: just what is freely distributed on the web. For comparison, a Bitcoin generates up to one hundred million Satoshis.

How to earn free Bitcoins on the web?

The Unsplash / Play A kind of virtual lottery that offers a minimum of 340 Bitcoin bonuses per hour and that can reach 47 million units distributed free of charge. On the website there is also the possibility to multiply the coins acquired in a casino game or by purchasing raffled tickets. Similar to the previous one, this site can distribute up to 11 million Satoshis.

Boxbit: Here, the user can choose two out of 10 boxes, which have prizes ranging from 18 to 18,818 Satoshis.

Paidbooks: In this option, the user receives 150 Satoshis every ten minutes to read books.

Bitvisitor: Every five minutes, 240 Bitcoins bonuses are offered if the user visits three sites.

Ads4Btc: Pay up to 500 Satoshis every 20 seconds of open link to visit websites and view ads. It is a game that delivers Bitcoins bonuses to those who participate in a vote that will choose the most popular animal among users. Just to vote, you receive 200 Bitcoins bonuses and if your pet is chosen, another 150 Satoshis are transferred. Each vote lasts 10 minutes and you must participate until the end.

Coinad: This site pays up to 600 Satoshis for viewed advertising.

THE Unsplash / Play

Btcclicks: Working in the same way, here the user receives up to 144 Satoshis to see ads of up to 30 seconds.

SaruTobi: Another game that gives virtual cash prizes offering up to 1 thousand Satoshis. With a style reminiscent of Mario Bros, the app is only available for iOS. Every 5 minutes, the user receives 250 Satoshis to correctly answer captchas.

Btc-tree: This site works the same way, but pays between 100 and 500 Bitcoins bonuses.

Bitcoinzebra: Here, the user also needs to answer captchas, being able to bill up to three thousand Satoshis per hour.

Free Bitcoin: Another game, this time for Android, which has a casino feel and offers up to 1,000 Bitcoins bonuses per attempt.

Bitcoinker: You pay 58 cryptocurrencies every 15 minutes just for the user to stay on the site.

Visitbit: It offers up to 200 Satoshis for visits to websites that can last between 5 and 30 seconds.

Blockchain Game: This is an Android game that explores the agility and reflex of the user, who can earn up to 30 thousand Bitcoins bonuses per day.

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