Android now records calls from unknown numbers automatically

The Google Phone app, present on most Android devices, is receiving an update that allows you to record calls made by unknown numbers. With the novelty, users can use the function on any call made with the app.

After the update, the user can enable recording on all calls, including from unknown sources. In addition, the application menu has an option to enable sound capture on all calls automatically.

Android now records calls from unknown numbers automaticallySource: Android Police

With the option, the user is able to register all calls made with the Google application without having to enable the function manually at the beginning of the call. However, the app displays a warning indicating that the privacy laws of each region must be followed and all participants must be aware of the recording.

According to Android Police, the function of recording all calls had already appeared in codes during the year, but only now has started to show up on the app. Apparently, Google is doing the distribution in a limited way and only a few users have already received the news.

In addition to the call recording function, the Google Phone app also has other useful tools, including a caller ID, spam filter and voice contact search. The solution also comes with integration with other services of the web giant, such as Google Duo.

The Google Phone app can be downloaded for free from Play Store.

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