Documents Reveal Why Apple Does Not Launch iMessage on Android

Apple’s native device chat app, iMessage, has never been officially launched for Android. The company’s strategy makes sense and the explanation for holding the platform is not difficult to guess, but new documents revealed now confirm the explanation of the brand for this market movement.

According to the website MacRumors, the information was revealed as part of Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple, with the Fortnite developer accusing the company of anti-competitive market practices.

Basically, the problem lies in releasing one of the great assets that keeps the iOS user buying branded products and living in an Apple ecosystem – as well as their chat contacts, who do the same. It is worth remembering that there are applications developed by her on the Google Play Store, such as Apple Music and the Beats product manager.

Not in a dream

In 2016, a former employee complained to Apple’s vice president of marketing, Phil Schiller, that iMessage being on the iPhone only “meant a serious imprisonment” of the service. In response, the executive replied by email that “bringing iMessage to Android would hurt us more than it would help”.

The decision was made in 2013 and involved arguments from the vice presidents of software and services, Eddy Cue, and software engineering, Craig Federighi. According to them, iMessage for Android would imply a dangerous “cross-compatibility” and would remove an obstacle for “families using the iPhone to give their children Android phones”.

The messages are used by Epic Games as proof that Apple is in fact concerned with maintaining an ecosystem that is not open to collaborations with other brands in the market. There are still no details on how the argument will be received in the courts and, for now, the parties involved have not commented on the case.

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