9 dramas that will end with the arrival of 5G

# 1 When the page takes too long to load

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Who has never needed to do a quick search on the internet on any urgent matter? A recipe to finish dinner, the correct spelling of a word and even the meaning of a term you just heard.

It would be a pity that your mobile internet took too long to load the page … And when it finally loads, it is already too late. It was spice where it wasn’t supposed to go, sent the wrong word and embarrassed the group of friends and floated in the conversation he was participating in.

Don’t worry that, with 5G phones, web pages will load in a snap!

# 2 The video you were watching on TikTok stopped … and never came back.

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Nowadays videos are super hot. TikTok, Instagram Reels, Facebook, Twitter. There’s video everywhere!

Anyone who has never watched a video halfway through and suddenly he … has crashed. Okay, it happens, right? You look at the phone screen patiently waiting for the player to return. Time passes and, instead, a new message arrives.

And it belongs to your operator, warning you that the monthly mobile internet plan is over.

With the arrival of 5G in Brazil, you will be able to watch your videos without any worries!

# 3 He was mocked by friends because he caught the video call with the guys

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In a time of pandemic, everyone started to chat with friends by video call, right? Whether on Discord, Google Meets, Zoom, WhatsApp or Instagram. There are even people who still use Skype. The whole crowd gathered to make small talk and miss the nostalgia.

Until everyone’s image is pixelated. You try to talk, but no one answers you right away. A few moments later, laughter begins. You fell into a robotic voice because of the locked mobile internet and everyone was laughing at you.

Soon, 5G will arrive in Brazil and put an end to the locked images and prints out of context!

# 4 He had to walk the whole house to find a place that would get the 4G signal right

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The signal from 3G and 4G is inconsistent across Brazil. This is undeniable and will only change when we finally have 5G in hand.

Who has never had to walk the whole house with their cell phone in the air, looking at the internet signal and waiting for a miracle to fall from the sky to find a point in the house where the mobile network picks up as it should?

Imagine what someone would think if they had access to our front camera at those moments?

# 5 Forgot to turn on the wifi inside the house and had an unpleasant surprise

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You come home exhausted after a full day of work or study. You sit on the couch or bed and browse social media, killing time. When you look at what time it is, the thud: you were browsing with mobile data all this time.

And this is how the internet that was supposed to last the whole month goes away in just a few hours …

# 6 Stalked the contact to show it to friends and his photo didn’t upload

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You know that little contact or crush you want to show your friends? Praise the qualities, explain why you should marry and live together happily ever after?

You open the person’s profile on Instagram and open a photo, ready to take a print. But the photo does not load. Even giving a refresh several times. The 4G decided to give away tea, you stay in the hand and your friends are curious.

Fortunately, the 5G internet will put an end to this problem.

# 7 He had to ask his friend to host the internet to go home

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Pre-pandemic, you go to a party and, in the end, you need to go home. Normal, right? You open the private transport app and are unable to call a car. The application does not load for anything.

Good thing you have a friend nearby, to host the mobile internet and you can get back home, right?

Will it be that when the parties are released again will 5G be available to change this reality?

# 8 Save a video to watch when connected to wifi and lose it forever

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You are consciously tampering with social media using mobile data. So, when you are faced with a VERY interesting video on a subject that you VERY wanted to see, you decide to watch it later, when you are on wi-fi.

When you finally connect to the wifi. Who said you think the video? If it were a cat, I would have died of curiosity.

With the arrival of 5G phones in Brazil, you won’t have to worry about that and you’ll be able to save all the videos you want for later.

# 9 Had to listen to someone else’s gossip on public transport because he forgot to download the playlist when he was on wi-fi


One of the worst times of the student or worker day (when it is not both) is to take public transport at peak times. There is only one thing that can make this moment better: a playlist.

You get on the bus or the crowded subway with your headphones and, when you go to play your favorite song, you discover that you have not downloaded the playlist. You even try to do it right away, but who says that mobile data will collaborate?

And there goes an entire journey listening to the gossip of others because it is the only entertainment available that you have.

The end of the mobile internet drama

Although it seems like a super distant reality, soon 5G will arrive in Brazil, and it promises to solve many of the current problems caused by third and fourth generation internet networks.

Contrary to popular belief, the 5G internet revolutionizes much more than speed, but also latency and network coverage. Peak hours, for example, which always cause connection difficulties, will be dramatically relieved, as 5G allows millions of devices to be connected at the same time per square kilometer.

Furthermore, 4G will also receive an upgrade, since your area coverage must be expanded by the operators that win the Anatel auction through the frequency bands for hosting 5G.

Several brands, such as Motorola, have already taken a step towards the future and are launching phones compatible with 5G technology, and the best: for all tastes. From the most affordable ones, such as the Moto G 5G cell phones, to the robust Motorola Edge, when the 5G arrives, the important thing is to have a smartphone compatible with the technology so you never have to suffer any more!

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