Without noticing the camera on, councilwoman makes ‘passinho’ in session [vídeo]

On Thursday (15), Cuiabá city councilor Michelly Alencar (DEM) played a small gaffe during a virtual session of the City Council. In the images, she seems to perform a dance step popularly known as “sarrada” when she returns to her place, without realizing that she was being recorded by the camera.

After noticing that the webcam was on, the councilwoman is surprised and quickly leaves the meeting – her colleagues, however, seem not to have noticed and continued with the agendas.

In a note, she explained that she had been absent to use the bathroom and, when she returned, made a joke with her advisor after commenting on one of the recent trends in TikTok.

Michelly stressed that she performs her role with dedication and professionalism, preparing for each online meeting, but that she also seeks to promote a lighter work environment, since she and her team deal with “heavy matters”, such as handling complaints and visiting hospitals with COVID-19 patients.

In this context, Michelly justifies what happened: “We are human beings and we also have our moments of relaxation. This is how we manage to deal.” However, she also questions the repercussions of the case: “if it were a man who had done this, would it have had this repercussion ?,” asks, “I feel prejudice on my skin every day for being a woman, it seems that we have to work triple to prove our worth. And in situations like this the burden becomes heavier.”

The Municipality of Cuiabá stated that it will not take a position on the case.

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