10 most important news of the week (12/4 to 16/4)

Good Morning! To keep up to date on this early Saturday, the TecMundo separated everything that happened from the most important this week (April 12th to 16th). In addition to several news about technology and science, the world of entertainment and games was also very busy in the period.

As early as Monday (12), a flaw was discovered that leaves WhatsApp vulnerable to being blocked by anyone else. On Wednesday (14), we reported a meteor that exploded during a live broadcast in the United States. On Friday (16), the Federal Government announced the anticipation of the withdrawals of the emergency aid.

That was just an appetizer of everything that rocked! Check out, below, everything that happened during the week. To access each news item in full, just click on the links below.

1. Your WhatsApp can be blocked by anyone who has your phone. So far, there is no way to protect yourself from failure.

2. Pentagon confirms authenticity of video with UFOs. More details about the ‘flying pyramids’, however, remain confidential.

3. Bitcoin surpasses B3 and is already worth more than the entire Brazilian stock market. Cryptocurrency broke a new record and reached US $ 63 thousand a unit.

4. WhatsApp gap lets ‘stalkers’ know who you are talking to. Platforms take advantage of the messenger’s public status feature to collect information about users.

5. Meteor explodes in the sky during live broadcast in the USA [vídeo]. Presenter Jay O’Brien was doing a live broadcast on Facebook when a meteor exploded in the sky in West Palm Beach, South Florida (USA).

6. Magazine Luiza announces purchase of the Jovem Nerd platform. The content produced by the pop culture, technology and science vehicle will be integrated into Magalu’s SuperApp.

7. Hawaii Five-0: Daniel Dae Kim reveals why he left the series. After the 7th season of Hawaii Five-0, Daniel Dae Kim tried to negotiate his contract to earn a salary equal to that of his castmates, however, it was not successful.

8. Nintendo claims copyright of a 3D model of Bowser’s penis. Model was designed for pornographic films featuring game characters.

9. Government anticipates withdrawals of emergency aid; see new calendar. The team explained that beneficiaries born in January will be able to withdraw the first installment of the benefit on April 30, instead of May 4.

10. Spanish claims to be in 2027 and be the only human alive on the planet. Using the profile of ‘Unique Survivor’, Javier asks for help on social networks to be able to return to the year 2021.

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