WWII plane makes dangerous landing on beach with bathers [vídeo]

Last Saturday (17), bathers on the beach of Cocoa Beach, Florida (USA), were surprised by the emergency landing of a World War II plane. Valiant Air Command’s TBM Avenger bomber suffered a crash and had to land at sea after participating in an air show. Fortunately, the maneuver was carried out smoothly, ensuring the safety of the pilot and those present in the area – no one was hurt.

A video posted on Twitter shows the exact moment of landing of the TBM Avenger. In the images, it is possible to see that the plane’s propeller no longer rotated just before reaching the sea. After landing, bathers rushed to assist the pilot, who refused to be taken for an assessment at a hospital. Check out:

Before the incident, the bomber had undergone a renovation that lasted about 18 years, ending in January last year, when it was ready to fly again. According to the website Florida Today, Valiant Air Command has declared that the TBM Avenger will be transferred to a museum, where it will undergo a new repair process.

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