Microsoft tries to convince you to use ‘Your Phone’ in seductive video

Microsoft tries to convince you to use Your Phone in

Microsoft has launched a new promotional video for the “Your Phone” app for Android and Windows 10. The app promises control over the smartphone right from the computer, and offers even more interesting features for models of the Samsung Galaxy line. From “Your Phone” you can answer and make calls, send messages, check notifications and … Read more

Netflix will make characters’ voices clearer on Android

1611587863 Netflix will make characters voices clearer on Android

Netflix continues to improve its streaming platform on mobile devices. The company recently started releasing the new xHE-AAC codec for smartphones and tablets running Android 9.0 or higher. The novelty promises to bring “studio audio” to the platform, as it manages to optimize quality depending on the internet connection used for streaming. The codec also … Read more

Android phones devalue 2x more than iPhones in the 1st year

1611262848 Android phones devalue 2x more than iPhones in the 1st

After the first year of use, Android phones lose 2x more value than iPhones, according to a report by BankMyCell, website that tracks smartphone exchange prices. With data referring to 2020, the document reveals that top-of-the-line cell phones depreciate 33.62%, against 16.70% of Apple models. Considering this proportion, if the user has used an Android … Read more