Open Source: what it is and how it works

1618148136 Open Source what it is and how it works

The term Open Source is widely used to refer to programs that have no cost to use. Generally, they are software that serve as alternatives to other products of large corporations. However, there is much more behind this term than users realize. Next, understand what Open Source is and how it works! Open source programs … Read more

Mercado Pago service code: how to get it?

1618074185 Mercado Pago service code how to get it

Need to resolve any pending issues with Mercado Pago over the phone? You will need to generate a service code before calling the “Fale Conosco” service of the digital wallet belonging to Mercado Livre. What is? The Mercado Pago service code acts as an identification number for each case, allowing the attendant to find user … Read more